Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year Greetings

2007 -
Politically the year was dominated by 123 agreement
Economically Sensex went through the roof
Culturally even Tamil TV channels joined the reality bandwagon
Sportingly India won 20-20
Electorally mud-slinging touched new highs
Geographically God (Ram Sethu) was served with eviction orders
Socially amidst SEZs, suicides and starvation continued
Let 2008 give the poor and the needy their economic and social dues and the rich the strength to bear it and will to concede - Best wishes for a great year 2008.


Sridevi said...

Wishing Kishores a very happy New Year 2008
Anands(Sridevi, Aashish and Anand)

investor said...

Wish you Gokul & Subha a very Happy New Year 2008.

Wish to see you scaling greater heights in 2008.



Kishores said...

Sridevi and family - Thank You very much for the kind wishes
Rajagopal and Sujatha - Thanks for the wishes and those warm words

mani said...

happy new your for you too.

but i hope you will not repeat the mistake of forgetting some of the great achievements of our country in the last year... women were given the liberty to work in the nights also.. another new field of great worth and merit- of bar tending was opened up to them and a new culture of looking after parents was taught to the children of 'formerly-joint-family-products'
-manimohan only --(i donot want to involve my other half in becoming aware of these new liberties to women hence subha should excuse me for not revealing this message at home).