Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anthology 2011

New Asian Writing is publishing Anthology 2011.
Please follow the link to read Subhashree Kishore's short story.

‘Regia Aqua’ by Subhashree Kishore (India)

Short story selected for the 2011 New Asian Writing Short Story Anthology Chitra stepped out of the car. She wore her Indianess well – a bejeweled silk saree and diamonds. She was wont to protest her global visage or Americaness....

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Short story

Subhashree Kishore's short story "Regia Aqua" has been selected for anthology to be published by New Asian Writing later this year. Right now it is e-published and can be seen at

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OF INDIAN VOICES, VOLUME ONE (includes Subhashree Kishore's short story "Batter and Trade")

AT 7.00 P.M, ON 7TH APRIL, 2011

“Indian Voices Volume One,” provides a continuing newness, a renewed vision of words and history and makes all of it accessible well beyond the confines of India. Contained in the pages of this anthology is an amazing repertoire of prose and poetry penned by those of Indian descent who are living in different corners of the world. Sixty Six authors from 16 countries bring to life the unique characteristics and myriad feelings associated with this unpredictable, pulsating and colourful country.

Published by: 42bookz, India
Project Manager : Trade Architects (Canada) Inc.
Editor : Dr. Jasmine D’Costa
Guests of Honour : Ms. Preeti Saran, Consul General of India in Toronto, and Ambassador Afonso Cardozo, Consul General of Brazil in Toronto

Project Manager:
Trade Architects (Canada) Inc.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Elections in T.N.

T.N. Elections – Rule by beggars, of beggars
Another round of great victory for democracy is round the corner. A few states including Tamil Nadu are going to polls for State Assembly in April. There is a savage rush between the two Dravidian parties to make the list of freebies that will be offered to the general populace, endless.

Both the parties could not provide drinking water to citizens of the State capital despite being in power for almost 50 years now. About the roads – the less said the better. It is easier to mention how many hours you get electricity daily rather than lament about load shedding. With hundreds of professional colleges churning out engineers and other professionals in thousands every year, under-employment has been rampant. That agriculture has ceased to be a sector providing employment is a long story.

The parties which profess to have their genesis in self-respect movement, have destroyed self-respect of everybody in the State. Instead of giving jobs to jobless so that they can earn their T.V., mixie, grinder, etc., the parties are bent on throwing alms to the ‘self-respecting’ people of the State. The beggars of vote know only how to reduce others to begging – they are just doing that.

It is for the people to stand up and reject the alms and instead, demand water, roads, education, toilet, transport, power, safety and the like. Nothing can come free – everything has to be earned. The freebies today will be liabilities of next generation and they will be taxed heavily and through novel methods like GST. And those will be termed as reforms. We shall be listening to these stories as well but will never learn.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Indian Voices Vol 1 is now available

Indian Voices is a heart-stirring compilation. An amazing repertoire of prose and poetry penned by Indians from different corners of the world brings to life the unique characteristics and myriad feelings associated with this pulsating and colorful country.

Indian Voices provides a continuing newness, a renewed vision of words and history, and makes all of it accessible well beyond the confines of India. It is a captivating affair which takes charge of the reader and lingers long in the mind, allowing imagination to rule. We invite you to join this soul-stirring journey. Read Subhashree Kishore's short story "Batter and Trade" - we await your critical review.

Check out Indian Voices Volume One :

Check out Indian Voices Volume One :

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Letter to the Editor

Radia tapes
The transcripts of the conversations between Ms Radia and editors, reporters and politicians, do not per se point to any unethical practice. Flaunting political connections for cultivating and nurturing sources, and fishing for information can be cited as professional prerequisites by the media. But what is worrisome is the involvement of corporate lobbyists in Cabinet formation and portfolio allocation. That a few journalists cross the Lakshman Rekha and allow themselves to be used by politicians and lobbyists for building bridges between political parties is a matter of serious concern. The line between information seeking and influence peddling gets blurred by such acts. The media are already under fire in the paid news controversy. The Radia tapes episode has further eroded their credibility.

G. Gokul Kishore,


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mass and inertia

Mass and inertia
The moment of inertia of an object about a given axis describes how difficult it is to change its angular motion about that axis. Therefore, it encompasses not just how much mass the object has overall, but how far each bit of mass is from the axis. The farther out the object's mass is, the more rotational inertia the object has, and the more force is required to change its rotation rate.

Rodeo is a sporting event that consists of events that horses and other livestock designed to test the skill and speed of the human cowboy and cowgirl athletes who participate. Professional rodeos generally comprise the following events: tie-down roping, team roping, steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, bareback bronc riding, bull riding and barrel racing.

Rodeo provoked opposition from animal rights and animal welfare advocates, who argue that various competitions constitute animal cruelty. The American rodeo industry has made progress in improving the welfare of rodeo animals, with specific requirements for veterinary care and other regulations that protect rodeo animals.


Yes, to those of us who believe in a civilised society comprising of intelligent human beings, the rodeo show that is television with constantly changing slides only evokes revulsion. To make it to the news headlines and establish some form of contact with public opinion, you need certain number – either people have to die in sufficient numbers or the scam has to reach a particular quantum. It is a critical mass without which there is blessed inertia all around. We continue to derive all happiness with the thought of our progress - in terms of number of cellphone users, sensex figures, medical advances, etc.

The spread of microfinance institutions did not attract attention till vast sums of money surrounded it. Even then it was hailed as a saviour of the poor. Servicing rural areas was decried as a money drainer for public banks. Tears were shed over the fact that policy decisions forced banks to sweat it out in places where people had to be educated in banking and pulled out of the clutches of money lenders. Microfinance institutions had innovated enough to make this a profitable sector! WOW!

Only the innovation was old than the system of money lending. Exorbitant interest combined with god-fearing, law-abiding, semi-knowledgeable borrowers. Unlike jet-setting CEOs who could order governments to fill individual coffers with taxpayers’ money, the poor borrowers chose death. Now of course there is some hand wringing and talks of doing something.

One of the participants in a reality show which makes a mockery of the judiciary (of course no one thought of it that way - it was after all entertaining and meant to be non-serious) - died. Everyone had volumes to speak on how bad and how many sleazy, silly shows were being aired. We need not however fear that there will be any stifling of the media. The fourth estate in all its ignominy must be preserved. We need not have any illusions about the deceased participant getting justice. The parties to the show will have all papers in order. Necessary consent and waivers would have been obtained before hand. We have seen marriages being sold (swayamvars), and childcare being mocked (a version of baby borrowers). The right of private individuals to wreck their lives or those of others must be protected.

Adarsh society's problems with environmental clearance came to light only after the spotlight turned on the scam. One wonders how a towering building could come up without anybody checking on it. It is not an isolated case. We have illegal constructions everywhere right upto the Lutyen's Zone in Delhi! Now that people have died in East Delhi in building collapse (on 15th Nov. 2010), perhaps we might wake up to the fact that a building is not about stacking bricks and regularisation. But falling back to slumber is just a few days away – for, the critical mass has not been reached yet in scams, illegal constructions, mockery shows, financial frauds and in everything. - SK

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Obama's India visit

Obama's India visit
The media has its hands full describing, detailing and debating Obama's visit. But as it is with every other news 'story' these days, it is elaborate nothingness. We can expect to be a rehash of every such visit - the mandatory sighting of poor and injured, good photos, great speeches and smiles. After all the American President is quite clear that all he wants is some defence contracts and freer markets to take back to his people. The routing by Republicans has shown that America - its preoccupation with defence as a basic building industry, war and proliferation of arms - is stronger than Obama and his election plank of healthcare, public spending or Iraq.

The decision to ban Let and JeM is as ritualistic and hollow as can be expected. It reminds one of a saying in Tamil which translates as “pinching the baby and rocking the cradle too”. What we have is market economy in full swing. A surge in supply of arms in our backyard (Pakistan) will push India into the lap of American arms industry more.

But even so it appears that Americans have got their math wrong. What they should be pushing for is easy gun-ownership laws like the US. We could build a whole new industry to give more arms, then eleborate mechanisms to regulate and control it, tighter security measures, screenings and so on. And India is not averse to new ideas. We have already started a giant project like the UID which will ensure that every Indian had an identity. Roti, kapada, makaan are old fashioned. Everything has a price. All we need to ensure is the money - micro finance or whatever - reaches the consumer. Goods and services will then flow into his hands.- SK

Friday, October 29, 2010

Kashmir & Arundhati Roy

Letter to Editor - The Hindu 29th Oct. 2010

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right and all citizens, including Ms Roy, are entitled to it. But the right becomes invaluable only by responsible exercise. While nobody can deny police excesses, particularly in conflict zones, the statement by the eminent writer that the people of Kashmir live under one of the “most brutal military occupations in the world” is unacceptable. She has also said that Kashmir has never been an integral part of India. It could not have been, for the present Indian state is an administrative unit created by the British and politically, the Indian landmass was under the rule of countless kings for ages. Calls for azaadi out of frustration, incitement or police excesses should not be mixed up with misrule by successive governments in the State.

G. Gokul Kishore,

New Delhi

Monday, October 25, 2010

Press - Time for restraint

Fourth Estate – Time for restraint
It is very unfortunate that almost all the dailies and electronic media carry snap shot of Mr. and Mrs. Dhoni taking bath in Goa [Dailies dated 25th Oct, 2010]. Publishing a blow up of couple taking bath is a shameless act and it cannot be justified by any reason.

Chasing of celebrities by shutter bugs and snapping all their private affairs have become indispensable for the press today to survive in the neck-break competition. It is nothing but a desperate attempt to satisfy the ‘taste’ of readers, to keep the flock together and to ensure revenues do not dwindle. These antics cannot sustain anybody in the longer run.

If you publish something half-naked, others are ready to pay the celebrity and publish even beyond before your print is even out. There is no end to this rat-race. The race killed Diana and it is fast catching up the Indian idols now. Unless the press imposes some self-restraint, credibility can never be redeemed. You can’t point an accusing finger at celebrities for selling all their private wares – from marriages to honeymoon - they perform anything in public for money. It is the so called Fourth Estate that should introspect and conduct itself more maturely.- GK

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ayodhya – Hey Ram!

“Religion is the opium of the masses” – This Marxian precept is always true as events rush to prove with sickening frequency. Once the addiction rules head and heart, the society gets wobbly and the line between right and wrong gets blurred. The merchants of this opium – from bigots to politicians – can hardly resist investing more and more in this eternally profitable business.

Ayodhya has been a hugely successful venture for these merchants. A fringe party got itself catapulted to the centre stage riding piggyback on this opium-peddling. A generous dose was dished out to masses – and the masses blissfully drank. The merchants basked under windfall gains by capturing power.

A trader should have never-say-die attitude. The latest judgment on the issue brings loads of malt and barrels of intoxicating stuff can be brewed and the brewing has started in right earnest. But this time, aided by neo-liberal brainwashing, materialistic vodka seems to provide more hallucination to the middle class steeped in hypocrisy. The old brew does not command major market share right now and merchants are perplexed.

But the ruling raises several questions. The demolition squad has been rewarded by giving a share of the demolished property thus providing the stamp of approval to the anti-social act. Had the structure been not razed, how the settlement scheme of partition would have proceeded, remains an interesting point. While suit of one of the parties was dismissed on limitation, it has been given a share in the property. One can put hundred questions but the fact remains – the ruling has been a perfect blend of settlement and amnesty with all trappings of extra-judicial solution. For now there is some calm – why worry about the ruling now?- GK

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Letter to the Editor - Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

By parading thousands of artists for several hours, Indian culture will not get encomiums from international audiences. Many of the artists were tired; maybe due to strenuous rehearsals and the timing of the ceremony. Functions must be brief if viewer interest has to be sustained. These “light and sound shows” degenerate into an exercise in illusory self-aggrandisement, serving little purpose.

G. Gokul Kishore,

New Delhi