Monday, March 28, 2011

Elections in T.N.

T.N. Elections – Rule by beggars, of beggars
Another round of great victory for democracy is round the corner. A few states including Tamil Nadu are going to polls for State Assembly in April. There is a savage rush between the two Dravidian parties to make the list of freebies that will be offered to the general populace, endless.

Both the parties could not provide drinking water to citizens of the State capital despite being in power for almost 50 years now. About the roads – the less said the better. It is easier to mention how many hours you get electricity daily rather than lament about load shedding. With hundreds of professional colleges churning out engineers and other professionals in thousands every year, under-employment has been rampant. That agriculture has ceased to be a sector providing employment is a long story.

The parties which profess to have their genesis in self-respect movement, have destroyed self-respect of everybody in the State. Instead of giving jobs to jobless so that they can earn their T.V., mixie, grinder, etc., the parties are bent on throwing alms to the ‘self-respecting’ people of the State. The beggars of vote know only how to reduce others to begging – they are just doing that.

It is for the people to stand up and reject the alms and instead, demand water, roads, education, toilet, transport, power, safety and the like. Nothing can come free – everything has to be earned. The freebies today will be liabilities of next generation and they will be taxed heavily and through novel methods like GST. And those will be termed as reforms. We shall be listening to these stories as well but will never learn.

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