Friday, April 16, 2010

IPL Stinks

Just a few days before reservations about IPL were expressed by us. The whole story is now stinking in public with all sorts of drama being played out – of course, of no use to the malnourished or starving millions. This is about paper millions of the avaricious and not about hungry human millions. The glee of media is all too evident. When money, women, conspiracy, politics, bribery et al all combine, no other news is a news.

While news reports point to Lalit Modi having been charged and convicted for drug peddling and kidnapping while he was a student abroad, Shashi Tharoor does not believe in practising what he preaches. He can use his oratorical skills to hoodwink the elite and use his high profile connections to enlist the support of those in power or those who are powerful. But, with so much of stain at his back, he is morally bankrupt to comment on any of our great national leaders. The Mahatma did not think that there can be two different values or ethical framework for public and private lives. But here is an imported Minister who never misses an opportunity to take a dig at the Gandhian values. His official responsibility includes Middle East where his close friend whom he is stated to wed, has business interests. Discussing Cabinet issues in highly irrelevant virtual social networking sites is certainly not the hallmark of a Minister of the Indian Union.

Fans in virtual social network are not the masses for whom and by whom a Minister has been chosen to serve. National leaders of yesteryears did not serve the nation through bits and bytes but by sharing the heat and agony of their suffering brethren. They did not expect encomiums for their erudite speeches. The case of Shashi Tharoor is a classic manifestation of convulsions of our democracy.

The entire episode often reminds us of our mentor Baluji’s skepticism over the educated elite as he says that it is the educated elite who are more corrupt, scientifically.- GK

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